I Think I feel like writing in someone’s Christmas Blog about bowels, because I certianly wouldn’t dare to do that here.

Steve is doing a blog-cycle for Christmas, where the title from the first entry leads into the title of the next entry and it all goes around in a big circle finishing with the title of the last entry leading back to the the title of  the first. I know its all very convoluted and whoever thought up the concept must have been insane, yet, I agreed to write an entry for him. I was told that my title had to have the world “large” in it and the theme was Christmas.

I hopped on Google and typed in ‘large’ and waited to see what the auto-complete feature would suggest. The first response was ‘large hadron collider’, I liked the idea but it wouldn’t work because the title has to have two words and that was three. The second suggestion was ‘large intestine’ and I immediately thought, Christmas, perfect! 

So to read the blog: “Large Bowel


Inside a LARGE large bowel.

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