I think relationships with dead girls are doomed from the start.

Things happen on the internet that never happen in real life. A widow in Africa wants to pay you 3 million dollars if you help get her dead husband’s 15 million out of the country. A lottery in Europe wants to pay you 11 million pounds after picking your e-mail at random. A banker overseas has discovered that since you have the same last name as the victim in a fatal air crash 15 years ago, he is willing to split the unclaimed 21 million in inheritance with you before it is claimed by the government. A university in the states wants to give you a diploma in brain surgery. Pharmaceutical companies have the solutions to help you “please her more”.  A pretty young thing sees your profile online and thinks it would be cool to date you. A super model stranded in Africa will come and cook for you if you help her rich French Uncle rescue her. All this happens online but never in real life.
Oh the scams.

Recently, I received the following message out of the blue on my Facebook page. 

A message out of the blue.

Of course I knew it was a scam, but the fact that she was dead and proud of it, intrigued me. I never received a message from a live dead person before. Curious, I checked out her page and learned, she was deaf not dead. 

deaf, not dead

She loved reading but the spelling and grammatical errors in the message indicated to me that this was written by someone who was just learning English and the fact her Facebook page was just made with no other entries, no friends and a single picture made me doubt both that this person actually existed and that she was an actual woman.

a brand new facebook account

I decided to have some fun with this and wrote back-wondering how long it would take before I was asked for money.


 She wasn’t the longest writing back…


 And she wasn’t asking for money, yet. She wanted to make friends? Wanted to know more about me. I shook my head. She played the disabled card, a disability, I might add, that would make it difficult to talk to her on the phone. Which is a good thing, because in my mind I kept imagining a deep, male voice with a Nigerian accent. I decided to called her bluff. I’ll tell her about me. After all, she only wants to make new friends right? So I sent back….


 Then to prove that it was all about friendship and not money I added…


 I never heard from her again.


4 thoughts on “Thought 183: Relationship With a Dead Girl Doomed

  1. Gee, I never dated a dead girl before, lol. The stuff that happens on the world wide web, amazing. Oh by the way, I would like to deposit some money into your account for you. All I need you to do is get a cheque from your account, sign it and send it to me. From the cheque I can get the info needed to deposit the funds. I can’t wait to get it. Oh could you include a note telling me your bank account balance, I will use that balance info to make sure I use the right account. LOL, that should work shouldn’t it. Another great read for Brad, keep the thoughts coming.

  2. hi brad, i enjoy reading your stories and it’s nice to know you still have the same sence of humor you had in high school,keep up the good work merry christmas and a happy newyear.:)

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