Passwords should be hard for others to figure out, “they” say.

And, “they” say you shouldn’t use the same password for different sites.

Sites, “they” say, should each have its own password.

Seems that “they” have never lived in my head.

Worried that the Government of China might hack my blog, I listened to “they”.

Ordinarily used passwords were forgone in hopes that “they” would be pleased that I followed their recomendations.

Remembering the new password would be easy if I wrote it down but “they” advised not to.

Did “they” not think to tell me, that true, a password should be hard for others, yet, it should be something easy for me?


Well, after 8 months I finally figured out my password. I guess I can start updating this blog again. Oh, and just in case you are curious, my password is not “they”.


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