I think there is a reason why I don’t work out.

Three years ago, my sister, Corrina decided to take up a new hobby. Crazy as it may seem, she began a regimen of physical training, so that she could compete in fitness competitions.  As the result of all her hard work she won herself a shiny trophy for 2nd Place.


Some of you have suggested that she should get me on the same training program.

Tell me…

Is this really what you want to see?

I think not!!!!

4 thoughts on “Thought 203: Why I Don’t Work Out

  1. I didn’t know Corrina did bodybuilding! At any rate, you are close to that physique now, are you not? It’s just that you don’t have to strip down to speedos in your current profession!

  2. I’ve always wondered where these sort of people
    pictured on the right buy their clothes.
    Is there a store that specializes in “absurd” sizes?
    Corrina accomplished that in 3 years? Wow! I’ve worked longer on a crossword puzzle….

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